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Cook Park

Because of the neighborhood’s topography, its location within the Proctor Creek watershed and past development, certain areas of Vine City have experienced significant flooding during storm events. In recent years, the City of Atlanta has acquired parcels within the project limits to develop one contiguous neighborhood park.

Cooks Park will provide essential stormwater storage during rainstorms that will mitigate the flooding that neighborhood residents have suffered over the years while providing relief to Atlanta’s sewer and drainage infrastructure.

The Proctor Creek watershed and drains to one of the most degraded urban streams in Georgia, contributing to pollution levels in the Chattahoochee River.  Rainfall captured in Cooks Park and the surrounding neighborhood will be collected and filtered within the park’s stormwater capacity relief facility  providing substantial water quality benefits at the headwaters of Proctor Creek.

Cooks Park is one of many projects that The City of Atlanta’s Department of Watershed Management will implement in the coming years to strategically store and treat stormwater within the Proctor Creek watershed.

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