Cook Park

team member roles

The development of Cook Park will provide an opportunity for diverse project stakeholders to collaborate and coalesce in the design and implementation of a dynamic community open space.

The City of Atlanta chose The Trust for Public Land to facilitate the development of Cook Park based on The Trust for Public Land’s  national experience on similar complex projects, rapport with local community leaders, belief in a participatory design process, and ability to raise the necessary funds to make this much needed park a reality.  The Trust for Public Land will lead the community engagement, design, construction, and fundraising activities for the park.  Upon completion, the park will be donated to the City of Atlanta.

The Trust for Public Land is a national non-profit organization that believes in conserving land and creating parks for people to enjoy.  They have a storied history throughout Georgia by protecting more than 25,000 acres of open space, historic sites, and urban parks across the state.  Within Atlanta, The Trust for Public Land has applied its expertise to protecting 17,000 acres along the Chattahoochee River, assembling the parcels necessary for the Martin Luther King, Jr. Historic District, and playing a key role in the acquisition of properties for the implementation of the Atlanta Beltline.  The Georgia office now broadens its services to create innovative parks in urban areas in an effort to provide park space within a ten-minute’s walk of residents’ homes for individuals to be connected with nature.

In addition to The Trust for Public Land, other parties involved in this collaborative effort shall be City of Atlanta Department of Watershed Management, the City of Atlanta Parks Department, the park design consultant team, and the National Monuments Foundation

The City of Atlanta’s Department of Watershed Management will be responsible for the management of and costs associated with the design, construction, operation, and maintenance of the stormwater facility within the park.  The pond will blend seamlessly and harmoniously within the planned park space in a manner similar to the Historic Fourth Ward Park located on the east side of Atlanta.  Additionally, the Department of Watershed Management will be responsible for the remediation of contaminated soil that exists on much of the site.  DWM is also coordinating with the Department of Public Works to implement a complete street that will include green infrastructure and dedicated bike lanes along Boone Boulevard.

The City of Atlanta’s Department of Parks and Recreation will make final decisions related to the design and construction of the project.  Following completion of the construction of Cook Park, the City of Atlanta’s Department of Parks will receive the park as a donation from The Trust for Public Land and will be responsible for the long term maintenance of Cooks Park. 

The Trust for Public Land has retained a comprehensive design team to refine the vision for Cook Park and to develop the necessary documentation to construct the park.  HDR, the Atlanta-based landscape architect and civil engineer of record for Historic Fourth Ward Park, provides local expertise in designing parks that provide enhanced water quality and spaces that respond to their surrounding contexts.  Andropogon, a design firm based out of Philadelphia, is national leader in creating great urban spaces that respond to the needs and desires of the community while developing and implementing innovative solutions to challenging environmental challenges on site.  The park design team is bolstered by a solid cast of local design consultants experienced working on Atlanta’s Westside and on projects similar to Cook Park. 

Influential leaders and individuals who lived or worked in Vine City will be recognized by the Atlanta-based National Monument Foundation.  No fewer than sixteen statues dedicated to people who distinguished themselves with extraordinary contributions to the city of Atlanta, the state of Georgia, the nation, and the world, and who have also lived or worked in Vine City will be included within the park.  A monument of Chief Tomochichi, a Creek Native American leader who was a mediator between early Georgia settlers and the native population, will be designed and constructed as a viewing tower to overlook the park.  The National Monument Foundation will be responsible for the fundraising, design, implementation, and maintenance of these features.

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